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Taiwan Milk Fish Expert

Taiwan Frozen Milkfish and Street Food
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Milkfish Belly Congee
100% milkfish belly congee, a convenient version of the nostalgic Tainan snack. You can see a large, succulent piece of hand-deboned milkfish belly, allowing you to enjoy a hearty bite. Enjoying a bowl of milkfish belly congee is even faster than making instant noodles – just add water and heat, and you can savor a fragrant and delicious bowl of fish belly congee.

Handmade Boneless Frozen Milkfish Dumpling
100% pure milkfish dumplings, "no animal fat!! Hand-deboned, each milkfish can only produce two precious and delicious milkfish dumplings. Healthy, nutritious, and tasty, they are a delightful choice for those who don't like pork dumplings or prefer pure fish dumplings.

Braised Dish Milkfish Head
Every part of the milkfish is delicious, especially the head, which is a favorite among gourmets. Braised milkfish head is a classic Tainan snack. Using a steaming and braising method, the broth is concentrated, extracting the essence of the fish flavor. Naturally sweet and savory, it leaves a lasting impression!

Fried Mackerel Thick Soup
Mackerel fish thick soup is a very famous Taiwanese snack. Especially when napa cabbage is added to the lightly thickened soup, paired with crispy fried mackerel chunks, it's delicious whether you soak the fish in the soup to absorb the flavor or eat the crispy fried fish separately.

Fried Mackerel Thick Soup

Milkfish Thick Soup
Milkfish thick soup is a must-eat for gourmets, offering an authentic Tainan flavor. The meal kit series allows those far from home to satisfy their homesickness!

Satay Squid Thick Soup
Satay squid thick soup is a classic Tainan street delicacy. With authentic satay sauce and crispy squid, this meal kit series allows those far from home to satisfy their homesickness!

Frozen Deboned Milkfish Belly
Deboned milkfish belly allows you to easily become a master chef at home. The succulent fish belly is delicious no matter how you cook it-whether it's braised, steamed, pan-fried, salted, or cooked with noodles. Milkfish is a fish you'll miss if you don't have it, especially the crispy, pan-fried deboned milkfish belly.

Frozen Deboned Milkfish Belly

Frozen Milkfish Skin
Every part of the milkfish is a treasure, especially the skin, which many people haven't tried. Expertly prepared milkfish skin has a delicate texture. Simply blanch it, cook it in soup, or dip it in a bit of wasabi soy sauce to easily enjoy the happiness of good food!

Dried Milkfish Floss
A natural calcium supplement, healthy and delicious. Made from the finest boneless fillet of milkfish, it's pure milkfish with no added soy flour or additives. The small, single-serving packages ensure everyone can enjoy it in the simplest and most guilt-free way.